February 17, 2012

Fighting the Junk Mail Monster - Part 2 of 2

Part 2 of 2 on stopping the flow of junk mail to your residence.  Part 1 (Yesterday, 2/16/2012) addressed reactive measures to stop the junk mail you currently receive and Part 2 covers proactive measures to prevent future junk mail deliveries.

The following are suggested action steps you can take to reduce the amount of junk mail you receive.  If you have additional suggestions please share them in the comments section.

Suggested action steps:

1) Use the major mail opt-out services.  Similar to the Do Not Call Registry to stop telemarketers and others from harassing you by phone there are similar services available to handle junk mail, although none are as comprehensive as the Do Not Call Registry is for phone calls.  The following are the sites for some of these opt-outs and only take a minute or so to complete.  And, it's Friday afternoon and you could probably use a couple minutes of diversion.

2) If you prefer to outsource your junk mail management consider 41pounds.org.  This service costs $41 and they will remove you from a host of mass marketers, and manage your junk mail for 5 years.  Additionally, a third of your payment goes to environmental non-profits and public works.  I haven't used this service but have heard good things.

3) Avoid credit card offers and other marketing sign-ups in disguise.  When you sign up for a promotional card at a store, or for a free shirt at a sporting event you are most likely also signing up for promotional materials from that company and other companies they will sell this data to or share your information with. 

Now, time to get ready for the weekend with a classic from Kool and the Gang.

Have a great Friday night and get excited for tomorrow's post including a contest. :)

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