February 18, 2012

Local Produce and a Guessing Game Contest

Although I plan to post about local produce in the future, I couldn't resist sharing these photos.  If you're not already familiar this is Eva, the namesake of this blog, and she's a big fan of the ultra-local food movement (only eating produce grown within 100 feet of your kitchen).

This basket of lemons is from the tree in our backyard and as you can see Eva is pumped about having so many yellow things to play with and/or eat.  There's about an equivalent amount still left on the tree.

Guessing game: How many lemons are in the basket?

Person closest to the correct number will receive a package in the mail with some super sweet surprises, including at least one of the pictured lemons.  Put your guess in the comments section to participate, or send me an email if you're shy.

Contest ends Friday, 2/24 so add your guess now if you want to play.