March 2, 2012

First Contest Prize Package

Congratulations again to Beverly for her winning guess of 142 (correct answer was 162) in the lemon counting contest from February 18.  I'm planning to do similar contests in the future so keep an eye out for those.  To help entice you to join future contests, here's a peek into Beverly's prize package.

To the Victor Go the Spoils 
Prize package contents:


  • Silent Spring by Rachel Carson.  This book was first published in 1962 and is credited by many with starting the modern environmental movement.  If you haven't already read it I highly recommend it.  It's a fairly quick read, and is incredibly relevant for being publish 50 years ago.
  • Mexico 21 de Septiembre coffee beans from San Diego roaster Cafe Moto.  These beans are from the Oaxaca region of Mexico and are certified free trade and organic.  Additionally, Cafe Moto is a solar-powered local business.
  • Izola bamboo toothbrushes.  Mentioned in a prior post, these toothbrushes are compostable and made from natural materials.  They also include motivational phrases, hopefully they are useful to Beverly and her significant other, both of whom are in the midst of rigorous studies.  (Close-up included at right.)
  • Two lemons.  Last but not least, two lemons from our soon-to-be-prize-winning lemon tree.  Although I'm not organic certified yet, I vouch for the pesticide and herbicide conditions under which these lemons were produced.  I will also vouch for the wonderful lemon bars they are capable of being made into.

Have a great weekend and keep a look out for tomorrow's post which will include my first YouTube video and a wonderful, and super simple, recipe you can use this weekend.


  1. Looking forward to tomorrow's post. Is it another installment of 'Cooking with Juan'?

  2. I just got a copy of Silent Spring on Amazon yesterday, I figure every eco-hippie needs one. Have you read A Sand County Almanac?

    The blog is sweet, keep it up!

    1. Nice work - if only you could have had the winning guess you'd be getting it free. I haven't read A Sand County Almanac, but it's now on my reading list for the future.

      Hope all is well!