June 8, 2012

Free Friday on Craigslist

The 'Free' section on Craigslist is a great resource for finding free items you can use, or for getting rid of items you no longer want.  Today I picked up a thai chili pepper plant on the way home from happy hour.  As with any new plant, I was stoked to add it to the yard and am looking forward to cooking with the peppers and learning more about the plant.

Up close with the peppers - red and some green / black

Nice looking plant, nice looking ride

We made guacamole tonight with one of the peppers.  Here's look at the ingredients before making the guacamole.  The peppers are hot!  We only used one and it was pretty spicy.

Tonight's guacamole: juice of one orange and one lime, 4 cloves garlic, 2 fuerte avocados, one thai chili pepper, dash of salt and pepper.

Have a great weekend and check out Craigslist for some awesome free stuff. :)

My weekly 'end of the week' message for Amelia.

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