June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day!

Every year we take a photo of Eva and I in front of a magnolia tree we planted in the backyard when she was born.  Here's a look at our first two Father's Day photos, we're excited to see how Eva (and the magnolia) grow in the future. :)

June 2011 - My first Father's Day

June 2012 - The Sequel

Hope all the fathers out there have a great day.  Thanks to my dad, Scott, for all the support over the years and to my grandfathers, Jack and Pat, for planting the gardening and farming seed in me long ago.


  1. Thanks! It was Amelia's idea but I really like it. Good way to remember to take a photo once in a while too. :)

  2. Pictures really do tell a family story in so many ways. Love it and thanks for posting. Happy Father's Day!

  3. Thanks Mary - hope you and Gary had a great day!